We can create most sites, but a smarter person said, “Focus on a specific niche and you will have better success.” This is our attempt at doing so, but visit the Portfolio page to see that we create diverse websites, print materials, logos, etc.

We can design a new Day Care website to WOW your visitors and provide the important information they are looking for so that they can make the decision to use your services. If you do not have a website, or one that is well designed YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTING potential customers! Clients almost expect that a company has a website. It validates the legitimacy of your company.

Our pricing is extremely affordable and our cost should be recovered quickly, but you will continue to reap the benefits moving forward. We can provide training and assign Administrative site editing permissions to a designated person/s of your choice.

Pricing is easy and apparent for standard projects. The base cost includes Domain, Hosting and Implementation. Click the button below to see costing details.

Featured Design Layout

The layout to the right is totally compatible with our software and therefore does not have any additional costs. It is readily available for customizing and modifications.

As you will see, all pages, Contact, About, etc. are included. 

Click on the image to check it out.


design templates

An excellent way to cut costs is by using a pre-made template. Below are pre-made designs that can be used for your website. Although the templates have a minimal additional cost ($50), you can save since design is not starting from scratch. Hover on an image below to scroll through its Home page or click the image to check out its template.

The templates that are labeled “Design Only” are to be considered for design. They are not readily able to be edited compared to the others since they are created with different methods and will need to be rebuilt. 

TIPS: when hovering over an image, place the cursor on the left of the image to adjust scroll speed. Refresh your browser if the scroll feature does not seem to function.